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VHF KENWOOD Repeater, 146-174 MHz, 25 - 50 Watts, 16 Groups

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The worlds most used repeater!

Preferred by the professionals. 


- Work cycle at 100 %, 25 W.

- Integrated community panel of 16 tones.

- CW ID.

- DB-25 connector with logical interface for auxiliar input and output for excellent control.

- Input voltage: 13.8 Vcd.

- Entry for backup batteries with is activated automatically (To keep the battery charged enable bridge charge).

- High stability oscillators (TCXO).

- 19” rack mount design.

- Compatible for conventional and trunk systems


New characteristics of version 2:

- Backup battery alert and operation tone.

- Remote control function and auxiliary output via DTMF.

- On/Off control.

- Courtesy tone (only in repeater operation mode).

- BNC female connector for RX and N-female for TX.

- Switching capability integrated for base station mode.


Base station mode:

- 16 channels.

- Simplex or full duplex operation mode.

- Single priority scan.

- 2 Digit numeric LED display, displays channel number and operation status information.

- Voice encryption port.

- Remote control inputs.


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VHF KENWOOD Repeater, 146-174 MHz, 25 - 50 Watts, 16 Groups